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Operation Flint

This past weekend over 15 members volunteered their time to help our union brothers and sisters in Flint. Through collections in Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit we were able to collect water and funds to be able to distribute over 10,000 bottles in less than 2 hours. Many thanks to our brothers and sisters from Local 969, Local 50 in Anaheim, Workers United Canadian Council, and all the others who donated anything they could to make this a succesful weekend.

For over a year, the city of Flint has not had clean potable water. Michigan's Governor Snyder authorized the City of Flint to change their water source from Detroit to the Flint river, causing a major emergency, as lead started to be introduced to people's homes. Over 8,900 children have been poisoned by lead from drinking or being in contact with the water. These children will now be forever changed, as lead poisoning is not only irreversible, but it also causes learning disabilities and behavioral problems. In a nutshell, Flint has now a whole generation that has been lost to lead and to the policies of Governor Snyder.

We will continue to raise funds and water to bring to Flint. We will do weekly trips, where we will bring as much water as possible. We are asking our members, friends and families to make small contributions. Bring you cases of water to our Chicago, Cleveland or Detroit offices. You can also donate by going to where you can make a contribution by sending money to:

If you have any other questions or you would like to volunteer please contact your union representative or call:


Watch this video so you can see some of our members' good work.

We have the most amazing members in the whole labor movement! And, they will be abck this coming weekend to help the poorest communities in Flint. Make sure to donate so these awesome volunteers can help out the less fortunate.


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