The Chicago and Midwest Joint Board, Workers United is a labor union that is dedicated to workers rights, organizing and education.The Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United, SEIU is a strong, aggressive and growing union driven by the strength of an informed and empowered membership. We stand by each other and tell each other the truth, even when it hurts, because we know that we are better for it. The Chicago and Midwest regional Joint Board belongs to all its members and every one of us feels responsible for its success. We are a proven force for positive change in our workplaces, industries, and communities. We are part of a global progressive movement advancing the right of people everywhere to live and work with dignity.






Justice at AMCOR


Workers at AMCOR in Aurora, IL, are hard at work trying to get a fair and just contract at their company. The bargaining committee has been hard at work making sure the company shares the wealth with those that helped them make it.

Remember to VOTE!


As union members it is our duty to vote in the upcoming presidential elections. Our future depends on all of us voting for those candidates that best represent our interests

Denver members out to get a better contract


Our members at HSCL and Union Printers Home are in the process of bargaining a new contract. Their success depends on the solidarity we show to these brave workers.


Local 39C members walked out on strike at W Diamond Corp in Des Plaines, IL. After 3 cold days, our strong sisters and brothers got the dignity and respect language they so much needed.

Workers United


WIth over 100,00 members Workers United is one of the most active unions in our country



With close to 2 million members SEIU has been at the forefront of the fight for workers rights.

Workers United Canada


Workers United represents 10,000 workers across Canada.


2020 - The Year the Working Class Saved Democracy

CMRJB members and staff will be going to cast their votes in the November presidential election. We will cast our votes for the candidate that represents our interests and not for any candidate that only cares about the rich. This election will be critical to keep all the labor protections we have fought throughout the years.


Leadership School

All union events have been cancelled because of the CoVID pandemic.


Leadership School

All union events have been cancelled because of the CoVID pandemic.


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Mail: cmrjbmedia@gmail.com

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