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Spanish Leadership Academy 2018

The Chicago and Midwest Joint Board, Workers United is a labor union that is dedicated to workers rights, organizing and education.The Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United, SEIU is a strong, aggressive and growing union driven by the strength of an informed and empowered membership. We stand by each other and tell each other the truth, even when it hurts, because we know that we are better for it. The Chicago and Midwest regional Joint Board belongs to all its members and every one of us feels responsible for its success. We are a proven force for positive change in our workplaces, industries, and communities. We are part of a global progressive movement advancing the right of people everywhere to live and work with dignity.






Pass the PRO Act


Contact your senator and let him/her know that you support the PRO Act. What is the PRO Act, you may ask? The PRO Act is legislation that has already been approved by the house and now it is being stalled in the senate. We need the PRO Act to finally give all workers the freedom to belong to a union without the fear of retaliation from the company. We need the PRO Act so Unions can finally have the power that was taken from the labor movement by the passing of the Taft-Hartley Act, in 1947. We need the PRO Act because we want a better America for all, not just for the few that have it all. Call your senator today, and urge them to pass the PRO Act.


For more information on the PRO Act visit:

SBWU Victory Chicago

The first two unionized stores in Chicago celebrate after their astounding victory. The stores located in Chicago's Northside are now getting ready to go to the table with the company to bargain their first collective bargaining agreement.

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