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Political Action Committee - Workers United for POlitical Participation

WUPP is an ancronym for the Worker United for Political Power.  WUPP is a hard dollar PAC (political action Committee) fund, used to contribute directly to elected officials in every level of government who will pass legislation that will protect the rights of working class families.   By means of these voluntary funds, the Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board, Workers United, is able to hold politicians accountable for their actions, thereby winning better contracts, better benefits and improved living and working conditions for our members and their families.


Common Questions


I already pay union dues.  Why should I contribute to “WUPP”?

The union is prohibited from using any dues monies for political purposes.  Your voluntary contributions to the WUPP Political Action Committee program are used solely for the union’s involvement in political activities to build union power.


Does the Joint Board use the WUPP Funds to support Democrats or Republicans?

The Joint Board does not solely support one party.  The union supports any candidates that have the best interests of the working class.


How Do I sign up for WUPP Payroll Deductions?

To sign up for WUPP Deductions, simply fill out the card on the back of this catalog and submit to your shop’s Union Representative.  Be sure to let him/her know the award item of your choice and your size.


The Joint Board appreciates your contributions to the Workers United for Political Power PAC program.  Together we can bring about a better future.  Together we stand united.


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