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November 27, 2016


We feel a strong a responsibility to support anyone who is willing to fight for clean water. After all, it is this water that gives us life, and unfortunately, as we saw in Flint and other cities, anytime clean water is threatened it always affects America's working class. 


The water protectors at Red Warrior and Sacred Stone camps are busy protesting the pipeline that threatens to destroy their lands and ours in the North Dakota plains. These brave sisters and brothers have set up their camp 50 miles south of Bismarck to announce to the world that they will fight to protect the waters of the Missouri river and its tributaries, along with their sacred burial grounds.


We stand in solidarity with all of our Native American relatives, and we join their call in asking for the Federal government to step in to honor all the treaties that have been signed with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. We also stand in solidarity in the call to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and call for the creation of long-term sustainable jobs. 


We had been planning a caravan that was to leave from Chicago on November 11th, and we were planning on bringing winter clothing and supplies in our act on behalf of our members.


As of today, these plans have been placed on hold because the situation in North Dakota has taken a turn for the worse. We have learned from our contacts, on the ground, that all camps have been surrounded by heavily militarized police forces, and all roads, in or out of the camps, have now been blocked. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for further developments.


In the meantime, we ask our sisters and brothers to call the White House (202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414) and demand that President Obama step in and put an immediate stop to this unconscionable attack characteristic of a genocidal past and an immediate halt to the pipeline-DAPL.


And if you want to help in the frontline we ask you to visit the Civil Liberties Defense Center website at and pledge whatever you can afford so their team of attorneys can help those who are being unjustly arrested.


Sacred Stone Camp, ND

For months the Standing Rock Sioux along with other First Nations Peoples have been holding back the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. The pipeline is being funded by the likes of Goldman Sachs, Sunoco and many other big oil companies and financial institutions.

This pipeline will almost certainly poison water, destroy sacred burial grounds and it breaks treaties made with the Standing Rock Sioux.

Winter is coming. Already freezing temperatures are common at night in the camp. Our Sisters and Brothers fighting this critical battle are asking for help.


Please gather WARM blankets, winter coats, sleeping bags, tarps and tents. The CMRJB is attempting to raise enough money to help Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) defend all the protestors who are unjustly arrested. Check out the video below to find out what Lauren Regan and the CLDC are doing to protect the rights of Native Americans and the public at large. 

Fact Sheets
Jo-Ellen Schlademan - IL

Do you live in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota? Contact Jo, Dave or Alex if you would like to volunteer or donate supplies.

In this TYT Politics video CLDC Attorney Lauren Regan explains how the state and local laws are being bent to benefit the DAPL.

Union members and staff will be leaving Chicago on November 11, making stops in Madison and the Twin Cities to pick supplies and volunteers. Talk to your Union representative if you would like to volunteer or donate supplies. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for live updates from Sacred Stone Camp.


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