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The Chicago and Midwest Joint Board of Workers United, is one of the most active labor unions in the country. We strive in being the leaders in union activism and education. Our goal is to make sure our members get the best representation at work, while they learn about their rights in an unfair economic system. We want our members and all workers in America to  get a living wage and to see the end of draconian right-to-work laws.



1st Union Bank Chicago

For over 100 years we have stood strong in the fight for workers rights. Read more about it on our HISTORY page.



Starbucks Workers United victory in Chicago

We represent workers in 13 states throughout the Midwest and the Rockies. Our members backgrounds are diverse and come from different industries. Learn more about us in our ABOUT page.




Our members and our union are active participants in national and local political activities. From Get Out The Vote efforts to Member-to-Member outreach, our Union remains at the forefront of progressive politics. Our members and our Union are always looking for ways to support politicians and legislation that favors the lives of workers. Talk to your Union rep to contribute to WUPP, our political action committee, or to volunteer at your next elections.

A Labor Movement Led and designed by young workers

Graphic designed by Talula Estes - Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, IL

Visit our International Union's webpage for more information:

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A collection of articles about working-class struggle throughout American history. 

Do you have any articles that you would like to showcase and contribute to our Workers' Library? Send them to

Visit our

The Amalgamated National Health Fund

The Amalgamated National Health Fund was formed through the merger of many funds affiliated with the former Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, Workers United, UNITE Here, SEIU and other Funds. Today, it is a large, multi-employer ERISA Taft-Hartley Health & Wealth Fund with over 400 contributing employers nationwide representing diverse industries, including manufacturing, distribution, food service, laundry, dry cleaning, retail, textiles, and others. The Fund serves an estimated 16,000 members.

National Retirement Fund

The National Retirement Fund (“The Fund”) is an ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) defined benefit pension fund. It has over 245,000 participants including actively employed individuals, terminated but vested participants, and retired participants. Over 450 participating employers make regular contributions to The Fund as determined by a collective bargaining agreement or participation agreement.

Click on the link below to learn more about the fund and get important forms that must be filled out before your retirement date.

Don't forget to plan, fill out all the pension forms 6 to 12 months before your retirement date. It will ensure that you have your well-earned money the day you retire.

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